FX-EDGE provides brokers and professional traders access to a true ECN market. Using our technology, our client can access the Interbank ECN market where the counterparty to trade is a liquidity provider such as an international bank, hedge fund, or another trader. As a neutral venue, there is no intervention from FX-EDGE side, no dealing desk and no requotes.

The FX-EDGE ECN is built using unique matching engine technology specifically developed for margin trading on OTC FX Market. Market participants using our ECN include banks, OTC exchanges, institutional market makers and large private investors. FX-EDGE enables all its clients direct access to institutional liquidity and ultra-fast no last look order execution.

Due to its fast execution and deep liquidity, FX-EDG ECN market is suitable for various types of trading. It is especially attractive and efficient for scalping and high frequency trading activities. Our ECN Model uses Market Execution, which means that order(s) will be filled in the interbank market at the best available price provided by market participants. In an STP model, liquidity provider or Prime Broker is connected to only one source of liquidity, which can result in poor execution speed and higher spreads for the clients.

Advantages of our ECN Model

Transparency and anonymity

ECN trading is based on transparent policies, which guarantees neutral pricing from all market participants, ensuring that real market conditions are always reflected. ECN Market is fully anonymous; therefore, it is no possible to influence clients’ trading strategies, tactics, or current market positions.

Ultra-fast execution

Our clients can execute transactions instantly, taking advantage of executable prices and instant no last look execution.  All FX-EDGE trades are confirmed as soon as they are matched in our system. There is no dealing desk to intervene, which results in ultra-low 3ms execution on average.

Direct Access to liquidity

The FX-EDGE ECN model offers clients the chance to trade in a diversified liquidity pool of banks, funds and other regulated financial institutions. The FX-EDGE ECN model enables clients to trade on tight bid/offer spreads, which can be around 1 pips in standard market conditions.

FIX API and executable data feed

By using FIX API, brokers can easily connect their trading servers and risk management systems to the live price data feed comprised of orders available in our matching engine. FX-EDGE provides live, neutral and fully executable market data feed which includes the tightest bid and ask prices available in the market.

Floating spreads.

FX-EDGE does not control the bid/offer spread and therefore it cannot always provide the same spreads. FX-EDGE provides variable market spreads which are generated in our Matching Engine. In an ECN market, institutional clients have direct access to a dedicated pool of liquidity. Market prices vary reflecting the volatility, session time and other relevant market conditions.