Ecn no last look liquidity learn more

FX-EDGE has established relationships with various Technology Providers and Institutional Market Makers that make up a unique and transparent ECN venue with no last look execution. We provide also an access to liquidity on various cryptocurrencies such as: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherum, Dash, Ripple and others.

Unlike some liquidity providers who provide only STP execution to external banks or brokers, our venue assures the no last look, fair and transparent execution for al market participans.


Cryptocurrencies learn more

cryptocurenciesIt is a well-known fact that FX trading volumes and volatility are positively correlated, since 2009, cryptocurrencies have shown high volatility in prices versus the USD. As a result, there is a huge interest among FX Brokers to offer trading on pairs like BTCUSD, LTCUSD, ETHUSD, DSHUSD to their Clients. Currently in our offer we provide access to liquidity for 13 different cryptocurrencies.



Prime brokerage and clearing learn more

FX-EDGE partners with reputable Prime Brokers from Europe, USA and Japan. Thanks to these relationships we are able to provider ECN aggregated liquidity at very low price. .

All our clients can benefit from our in-house technology which assures high level of assurance and flexibility. We provide also one of the most broades instruments coverage in the industry. FX-EDGE.


FX-EDGE ECN Market learn more

Our game changing trading venue is a new generation of transparent, distributed and independent ECN forex market where forex brokers can share liquidity to minimize their high STP cost.

Forex providers, which want to connect to our venue can utilize our web-based Match-Trader Platform, FIX API and proprietary developed MT4-FIX Bridge.

FX-EDGE Cloud provides an exchange-like experience to retail forex clients. Market participants or Cloud Members in our cloud network include but not limited to:

  • Retail Forex Brokers (STP or Dealing Desk) with MT4 or FIX compliant server;
  • Retail Forex Brokers (STP or Dealing Desk) with Match-Trader Platform;
  • Professional traders, investment funds connected to our system via FIX;
  • Liquidity Providers (Banks, ECNs, FX Prime Brokers, Prime of Prime); any other forex liquidity takers/providers with FIX compliant systems
  • FX-EDGE model is multi-lateral, meaning all market participants have the ability to access the liquidity of and trade with
  • All other participants, on either a disclosed or non-disclosed basis. All trades are cleared through our central clearing counterparties, who can match any buyer to any seller, creating a true client to client trading experience.

FX-EDGE works with both LPs and price takers to create a transparent liquidity venue. FX-EDGE constantly monitors execution quality and spreads provided by our LPs in order to assure the best experience for our clients.


Low latency connection

FX-EDGE has invested heavily in technology, connectivity and hardware to deliver consistent low latency execution. Tier 1 Primary liquidity providers connect to FX-EDGE trading system over direct cross connects.

FX-EDGE supports an array of hosting solutions from complete cloud-based solutions to self-hosting. FX-EDGE recommends delivering solutions on its cloud-based platform, which is supported by the OVH Roubaix the 3rd largest Data Center in the world, placing our servers inside the market.